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5 am neon

the train smells
like a wet dog
sleepwalking faces
blink sluggishly
under harsh neon lights
ghostly stops flash by
dirty tiles
and garish ornaments
a lunatic's idea
of cheerfulness
the lower rungs
of urban hell
both outside and inside the train
mood oscillates
between explosive boredom
and carefully pent-up aggression
it could change,
you know
with every new stranger
that gets on the train
upwardly mobile derelicts
whose work-related depression
keeps them
just one tiny step away
from the urban outcasts
that just savour the warmth
unkempt and muttering
early morning public transport nightmare
when the city's uncharitable face
peers at you
without make-up
through dirty subway windows
and every horror movie
seems plausible
in the half-light
on your way
to wherever you needed to be
so urgently

christine - april 20th, 2003, all rights reserved
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