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we're in this together now (notgonnagetus)


wrote for
my love, my life, my everything

the wish of a raindrop

i once needed rescuing –
a damsel in distress
but now i’ve found myself
& you

you’ve embraced me &
my wounds
and now they finally heal

i cherish the little things we share --
the silent moments of absolute comfort
the silly things you do that i desperately try to understand
the heated discussions that bring us closer

every day we reach a new kind of love

you’ve helped me see things in a light
i would have never discovered on my own

with each step we take as one…
i find more of myself

thank you

thank you for being there when no one else was
thank you for accepting my many flaws
thank you for fighting me when i assume i'm right
thank you for not letting go when i push you away
thank you for loving me

most of all…
thank you for helping me love myself

Depri Miller

i love you, Jason
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