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it's happening...

i've made my anti-war flyer, now all i have to do is go to staples and make a thousand copies.
i've bought and once my application has been approved it's mine and i'm going to start building a creative anti-war community and database.
There's a hallam stwc meeting on thursday and i'm giving up the paper to go because this is the most important thing now. Nothing else matters.
I've volunteered to do a stall on Friday afternoon and hopefully they'll take me up on my offer. As i said, nothing else matters.

if anyone fancies distributing some of these flyers (they've got a pretty horrific image on the front) please let me know and i can make some special copies without all the sheffield details and send them through snail mail.
similarly, if anyone wants to get involved with the website in any way whatsoever (ideas, design, articles, artwork) please please do... i need as much help and support as i can get.

this war is about money, power and greed. it is about political, military and economic control of the middle east by the US, and if we let them get away with it, it will never end.
i don't know about you, but i do NOT accept this. I will do whatever it takes to avoid this war. i do not want to live in a world full of hatred, greed, ignorance and violence.
if you agree, then now is the time to prove it.
(sorry for crossposting, but this is important)
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